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In the Spotlight: The Hand That Holds the Quill at Central Penn College, Cueing up a Q&A with playwright Cindy Rock Dlugolecki

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Local playwright traces family history to Constitutional scribe

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The Hand that Holds the Quill, a New Play

“In 1787, a Philadelphia clerk named Jacob Shallus was hired to scribe the first official copy of the newly-drafted United States Constitution. Over two hundred years later, one of his descendants has written a play about Shallus, his work at the Constitutional Convention, and the famous men who drafted the document which he then penned.”

Sean Adams, Pennlive

The Hand that Holds the Quill combines some personal history that links [the playwright] to the writing of the U.S. Constitution, along with the voices of wives and children of the Founding Fathers and some lesser-known African-Americans who already were advocating for the abolition of slavery in the new nation.”

David N. Dunkle, The Sentinel

“The play makes people think about who was fully included in our country when the Constitution was drafted—and who was largely ignored, such as women, people of color and immigrants.”

Barbara Trainin Blank, The Burg

Jacob Shallus may or may not have realized the legacy of his handwritten letters engrossed on a four-page document called the U.S. Constitution. But his cousin Cindy Rock Dlugolecki certainly does. She hopes more people learn and share the little-known story of his contribution to American history.

Beth Ann Miller, The Daily American

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