Here Comes the Bride’s Mother

Synopsis: Seminary hasn’t prepared this poor priest for the likes of Molly, who started planning her daughter’s wedding the day she was born. And she has the binder to prove it. Let us pray.

Genre: Ten-minute comedy

Theme: Saving sanity trumps saving the date when it’s clergy in one corner and the bride’s mother in the other.

Production History: Here Comes The Bride’s Mother premiered at Little Theatre of Mechanicsburg (PA) in February 1999 when the theatre staged a collection of 10-minute plays to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Under the umbrella title of Love Is Like A Box Of Chocolates, Cindy’s play—Here Comes The Bride’s Mother—was a nut-filled confection. Here Comes The Bride’s Mother had its second production at the Carlisle Theatre in February 2002 in a collection of 10-minutes play entitled, An Evening Of Romance. Two years later in December 2004, Here Comes The Bride’s Mother was performed at Theatre Harrisburg’s Second Bi-Annual New Play Festival. In January 2024, Here Comes The Bride’s Mother was part of an evening of entertainment at the Devonshire Church, Harrisburg, PA.

Awards: Here Comes The Bride’s Mother won a local 10-minute play competition conducted by PA Youth Musical Theatre and was staged in February 2002 in the Carlisle Theatre.