Into The Desert

Synopsis: The Devil—Regis DeVille—wants a wife. He uses the moment Jesus is alone in the desert to make this surprise demand, with three women already under his cruel consideration. Regis promises the world will never hear from him again if he can live happily ever after in marriage with Eve, Jesus’ mother Mary, or the […]

Miranda’s Warning

Synopsis: Miranda, a professional photographer, suddenly finds herself in prison for the attempted murder of a judge, her abusive husband. Despite initial derision and discomfort, Miranda finds unexpected connection, friendship, and revenge in the cellblock. Genre: Two-act drama Theme: Abusive relationships populate all economic, social, and ethnic classes with victims left with little choice but […]

The Bombcatchers

Synopsis: Living on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Ruby and Pam share their ten-year-old hopes and dreams as pen pals in 1936. In January 1942, thanking Ruby for the American entry into the war, teenage Pam—coping with bomb raids and food shortages on British soil–tucks a drawing into her letter: a sketch of herself catching […]