Into The Desert

Synopsis: The Devil—Regis DeVille—wants a wife. He uses the moment Jesus is alone in the desert to make this surprise demand, with three women already under his cruel consideration. Regis promises the world will never hear from him again if he can live happily ever after in marriage with Eve, Jesus’ mother Mary, or the […]

A.N.G.E.L.s INC.

Synopsis: It’s bedlam in Bethlehem as the ANGEL Broadcasting Company—ABC—arrives with cameras, cables, and cosmic chaos to document the birth of God’s son. There’s no room at the inn even though Bea-Not-Afraid has the confirmation numbers for herself and other dysfunctional angels Gabriel, Gloria, Andy, and Hal. O Holy Night indeed, as the Gospels are […]

Ghosts of Mechanicsburg

Synopsis: The borough’s motto is “Mechanicsburg: A good place to live.” Evidently, with the multitude of haunted houses in the downtown, Mechanicsburg is also a good place to die. So good, seventeenth and eighteenth-century residents are still . . . residents! Ghosts of Mechanicsburg is a collection of fictional vignettes based on facts unearthed in […]

Birthday Surprise

Synopsis: A cancer diagnosis spoiled Trish’s last birthday. Will her husband, despite his good intentions, spoil this one? Genre:  Ten-minute comedy with drama Theme: Facing and fighting cancer makes a person aware of who and what are important. Drawn on Cindy’s personal experience with cancer in 2014. Production History: May 2020: Virtual PlayHouse, Frederick, MD. […]

Here Comes the Bride’s Mother

Synopsis: Seminary hasn’t prepared this poor priest for the likes of Molly, who started planning her daughter’s wedding the day she was born. And she has the binder to prove it. Let us pray. Genre: Ten-minute comedy Theme: Saving sanity trumps saving the date when it’s clergy in one corner and the bride’s mother in […]