Royal Tea

Synopsis: The ladies of Fairy Tale Land have gathered for tea and a special announcement: Fairy God-Mother is retiring. Whatever will they do without her magic as they await “happily ever after”? A play about female empowerment. Genre: One-act comedy with music Theme:  The heads of young women can hold more than a tiara. Production […]


A.N.G.E.L.s INC.

Synopsis: It’s bedlam in Bethlehem as the ANGEL Broadcasting Company—ABC—arrives with cameras, cables, and cosmic chaos to document the birth of God’s son. There’s no room at the inn even though Bea-Not-Afraid has the confirmation numbers for herself and other dysfunctional angels Gabriel, Gloria, Andy, and Hal. O Holy Night indeed, as the Gospels are […]

Ghosts of Mechanicsburg

Synopsis: The borough’s motto is “Mechanicsburg: A good place to live.” Evidently, with the multitude of haunted houses in the downtown, Mechanicsburg is also a good place to die. So good, seventeenth and eighteenth-century residents are still . . . residents! Ghosts of Mechanicsburg is a collection of fictional vignettes based on facts unearthed in […]

Spirit(s) of 17055

Synopsis: A young girl travels back in time to meet the people who put Mechanicsburg on the map. Genre: A fun historical one-act Theme: From the town’s humble beginnings, Mechanicsburg has always been “a good place to live.” Production History: Spirit(s) Of 17055 was written to honor the history of the Pennsylvania town of Mechanicsburg […]

A Grouch A Ghost and A Goose For Christmas

Synopsis: The first family of Mechanicsburg—the Frankenbergers—are preparing for Christmas in 1806 when quarrelsome great Aunt Ida appears, expecting first-rate lodging and entertainment. Humble George Frankenberger fails in every way. A resident ghost complicates a holiday that almost doesn’t happen. Genre: A fun historical holiday tale in one act Theme: The spirit of Christmas prevails […]