Welcome to the Neighborhood

SYNOPSIS: Banned books discuss their predicament. GENRE: Ten-minute dramedy PRODUCTION HISTORY:  WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD will be included as a night of staged readings at the Hershey Public Library in March 2024.


The Red Dress

SYNOPSIS:  Bans of marriage have been announced twice for young Josephine in her tiny Polish village, but a voice tells her not to marry Stanislaus. The “voice” says Josephine’s bridegroom awaits in Grodno with a red dress. In 1943, the prophecy is realized at the hands of the Nazis. GENRE: Ten-minute drama PRODUCTION HISTORY:  THE […]

Take Your Best Shot

Synopsis:  A mother’s dying wish is that her adult twin daughters pose for a photo she can have by her hospital bedside. As the photographer struggles to take his/her best shot in the family home, the argumentative older twin wastes no time taking her best shot with her more docile younger sister. A revealed family […]

All Hands on Deck

Synopsis: Tables are turned when a socialite in the throes of divorce and bankruptcy comes to her former housekeeper and begs for a job. As the pair cleans a yacht after a summer soiree, they uncover a severed hand and other “touching” surprises. Genre:  Ten-minute comedy with some drama Theme: Family love trumps social status. […]

Birthday Surprise

Synopsis: A cancer diagnosis spoiled Trish’s last birthday. Will her husband, despite his good intentions, spoil this one? Genre:  Ten-minute comedy with drama Theme: Facing and fighting cancer makes a person aware of who and what are important. Drawn on Cindy’s personal experience with cancer in 2014. Production History: May 2020: Virtual PlayHouse, Frederick, MD. […]

Here Comes the Bride’s Mother

Synopsis: Seminary hasn’t prepared this poor priest for the likes of Molly, who started planning her daughter’s wedding the day she was born. And she has the binder to prove it. Let us pray. Genre: Ten-minute comedy Theme: Saving sanity trumps saving the date when it’s clergy in one corner and the bride’s mother in […]

Boxed In

Synopsis: On the weekend of the Fourth of July, fireworks explode in a garage when a mother and daughter open boxes of memories. Genre: Ten-minute comedy Theme: A generational perspective on memories: save them or set them free? Production History: Produced as a staged reading in August 2019 at the Cicada Festival in Mt. Gretna.

Reightor’s Block

Synopsis: Because he has a phobia of crossing the street, this contented and successful bachelor has designed his life around the block on which he lives, works, dines, and shops. Thank goodness for Amazon and FedEx for anything else he needs… except for the woman he spies moving in across the street. Will love or […]

A Matter of Taste

Synopsis: Rival chefs are catering an art gallery gala, invited by the art and food connoisseur with whom they both shared a relationship. Tempers… and food… fly. Genre: Ten-minute comedy Theme: Cook with wine; sometimes even put it in the food. Production History: Produced as a staged reading at Hershey Area Playhouse in 2016.

Paper Trail

Synopsis: Growing up knowing you’re adopted is one thing. Discovering at 50 that you’re adopted is this play. Genre: Ten-minute drama with comedy Theme: Devastating news can have a silver lining. Production History: Produced as a staged reading in June 2015 at Oyster Mill Playhouse… part of the “Not Your Run of Mill” Play Readings […]